Optimization for a Successful Website


Now you have a great website but it will not be successful if it is not optimized for the search engines and no one ever sees it. Search engines are in business. Their product is search results. Their success is determined by the quality of those results. Convincing the search engines that your site is relevant to your theme, a high quality site and should be rated high in their search results, is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search engines use computer programs called spiders or robots to search the web and bring website page addresses back to the search engine database. When someone enters a search argument, the search engine retrieve website addresses from the database which it believes to be relevant to the keywords entered. It then makes a determination whether your site or a site with a similar theme is more relevant and orders the results accordingly. Users will generally only review results from the first one to three pages. If your site is rated 100 in 100,000 results, your site will probably not be seen. By doing search engine optimization and making your site "search engine friendly", your rating will be high. Unless you have a lot of money to spend on advertising your site so that your potential customers can find your website directly, search engine optimization is a must.

We develop a list of keywords for each page of your website from the master list developed earlier and optimize them to ensure that the search engines can easily determine the theme of each of your website pages. Through our keyword research we will identify keywords which are of three types. The first is longer, targeted phrases which will generate less but higher quality traffic who know what they want. The second is shorter phrases but still focused on your product or service and will generate more traffic. The third type are single words generic to your niche which will generate the most traffic but but fewer buyers.

As mentioned in the design discussion your pages should be easy to navigate and none should be more than three pages from the home page as the more complex the link structure is, the more difficult it is for the spiders to index all the pages of your website and some may be missed. Links back to the home page from lower level pages provide both the human visitor and the search engine spider with value by leaving an easy trail to follow. eSuccess by Design will create a sitemap which ensures that the spider doesn't miss anything, knows which pages are most important, and how often you update them. We will also create robots.txt file which provides instructions to the robots.

There are many criteria factored into the search engines' ranking algorithms and some are the best kept secrets in the world. And they are constantly changing. The computer programs that analyze your website pages are getting smarter and smarter. They decide on your overall theme based on your content.

One of the known ranking factors is in-pointing links. This refers to links on other websites that point to your website. It is important that these links have a similar theme as yours and are high ranking sites. This is called link swapping as you place a link to their site on your site in exchange for them doing the same for you. Links to your website are important because they indicate that other sites think your information is worth sharing.

You can buy 100s of links to your site but they are of many different themes and search engines will penalize you for this. Google will penalize you for buying any links. eSuccess by Design will locate quality sites in your theme but not competing sites and initiate link swapping with them. We will also submit your site to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN and directories related to your theme. Quality directories are reviewed by humans for acceptance so inclusion may take some time depending on the workload of the reviewers.

Search engines want to satisfy a visitors need by delivering the best possible results for their search query. The result links which the user clicks on indicates to the search engine that those are the best sites for the users query and this is factored into the ranking algorithms. We will generate the text following the link in your search results which will entice the user to click on your site link by ensuring them that you provide what they are looking for.

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