Hosting for a Successful Website


The next step in the process is to select a domain name and a hosting provider. Domain names can not be changed once registered. It is the address of your website. It should reflect your business or service, be short but meaningful, classic, not hokey, and be easy to remember and spell. Your domain name should have a well established extension such as .com(commercial) or .org(organization). eSuccess by Design will take care of domain registration for you. It can be registered for one year or more and it must be renewed at the end of the registration period.

Before your website can be accessed on the internet, it must be imported to a computer on the internet (hosting computer) These hosting companies offer a variety of features and services. Most have several plans to select from at different prices.

We never recommend the use free hosting companies. Every business makes money one way or another. Most companies which offer free hosting make their money from companies which pay them for advertising their business. These ads are placed on the websites they host for free. Imagine your website with ads plastered on it. This ruins the looks of your website, and it is not only distracting but irritating to your visitors. Those which don't use advertising require you to buy something else. Just remember there is no "Free Lunch".

The hosting companies we recommend offer a basis plan which contains more than you will require initially for about $10.00 per month or less. This can be upgraded later if you need features not in it. Their basis plans offer:

eSuccess by Design will import your website to one of these hosting providers or the hosting company of your choice and ensure successful installation.

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