Designing a Successful Website


eSuccess by Design will design a professional, creative, and unique website for you using your ideas and content. There are no templates into which your website is force fitted. Your design will be yours and yours alone. Our experienced website designers are talented and knowledgable and experienced communications consultants. They will work with you to understand your business and design a website to bring you maximum success.

eSuccess by Design will design any graphics needed or use any you already have if you want.

We start with your home page. It must provide links to your next level of pages and the design must be visually pleasing. You only get one chance to make a first impression. It must let the user know that they have come to the right place to find what they are looking for in a way which sparks their interest so that they move on to your content pages and then to your products and services.

All your pages should keep a consistent theme and layout. This creates a continuity for your website and a logical organization making it easy to navigate.

We will use a well organized link structure. Pages linked to from your home page should provide a link back to the home page. Subsequent level pages should link back to the page that they were linked to from and the home page of your website. Website design should be such that there are only three or at the most four levels. This prevents several possible problems. The first is that your visitors won't get lost in many levels of links and become frustrated trying to get back to a specific previously viewed page. The second is that the more complex the link structure is the more difficult it is for the search engines to index all the pages in your website and some pages are missed.

We prefer not to use banners or extreme animations. In addition to distracting your visitor from your content and providing no content of their own, studies have shown that such animations are considered by website visitors to be irritating. Your website design will be interesting and exciting to your website visitors without distractions.

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