Website Analysis for Business Success


Analysis of your website is not very meaningful in the beginning. Success is never immediate. Once your website is imported to the web, it takes time for it to be established. Most directories take weeks or longer to list your site because the best directories are reviewed by humans who determine whether or not to list your site. The amount of time is dependent on their work load.

Spiders and Robots are constantly searching the web for new and updated websites. They will eventually find your website if you do nothing. However, submitting your website to major search engins, submitting your sitemap, and creating your robot.txt file speeds this process up. eSuccess by Design will create both your robot.txt file and your site map and submit them.

Analysis beformed by eSuccess by design includes the following:

From this data, eSuccess by Design can determine what modifications are needed to make your website more successful.

This analysis is done monthly and reports are provided to you as well as recommendations. eSuccess will implement agreed to changes as well as any additions you request to your website. This service is provided for one year as part of your initial package and thereafter for an additional charge.

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